The betting odds for the 2017 NFL season are out and this includes the longest of long shots as well. The two teams that have the least chance of playing in Super Bowl Lii are the New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers. The odds for these two teams to play each other are 5,000-to-1. This means that a person can bet $10 and if these two teams play in the Super Bowl this upcoming season that person will win $50,000. Compare that to the odds of lightning striking a person, which is 13,000-to-1.

All hope is not lost for the 49ers and Jets. The Leicester City soccer club had 5,000-to-1 odds to win the Premier League in 2015-16.

That team won and anyone who made a bet on it took in a lot of money.

New York Jets

These odds have to hurt New York Jets fans. In 2016, the Cleveland Browns had arguably the worst team in the NFL but have improved enough for the Jets to fall below them in the oddsmakers eyes. The Browns had one of the best NFL Drafts when it comes to improving a team in need of help. However, the once promising Jets enter the 2017 NFL season win a lot of question marks and they start at quarterback.

It wasn't that long ago that Rex Ryan had the New York Jets in back-to-back AFC Championship appearances behind quarterback Mark Sanchez. The Jets wanted better and both were chased out of town. The Jets brought in Todd Bowles who looked to turn the team around but they never found a quarterback to lead them.

In 2017, the Jets will start longtime veteran backup Josh McCown and hope that he can keep them as a challenge to win games but it isn't enough to convince anyone they can actually have any success this season.

San Francisco 49ers

On the other hand, the San Francisco 49ers are rebuilding once again. With Jim Harbaugh as the head coach, the 49ers were in back-to-back NFC Championship games.

However, Harbaugh left the team when he struggled for control with the general manager and the 49ers have dropped to one of the worst teams in the NFL after his departure.

The year after Harbaugh left the team, the San Francisco 49ers hired first-time head coach Jim Tomsula, who only won five games. In 2016, the 49ers hired Chip Kelly, who could only win two games.

In 2017, they are now working under Kyle Shanahan, the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl team in 2016.

Shanahan is working to turn the San Francisco 49ers around but it will take time. However, few believe the turnaround will happen in 2017 with Brian Hoyer at quarterback. The odds of Super Bowl LII shows how little faith people have in the 49ers and Jets.