Baylor University is the subject of one of the worst sexual assault scandals in the history of America. Their university has seen presidents resign to get out of the way of this scandal, and they have sent art briles into exile after he lied about what he knew. Former president of the school, David Garland, was quoted in an ESPN story as saying that women make themselves into victims and get into bad situations on their own. I would like to address him directly because his university built a multi-million dollar stadium and their athletics programs on the back of rampant sexism, unfeeling misogyny, and a pathetic assumption that men are not accountable for their actions.

This is not a matter of opinion

If you are planning on commenting on this article that Mr. Garland is entitled to his opinion, do not do it. You are not allowed your forum for an opinion that says anyone should be brutalized and have their life changed for the worse. No one deserves to be attacked no matter who they are, and women on college campuses cannot be reduced to background noise because they do not play the sports you want to watch. Baylor tried to stand by Art Briles just like Ole Miss tried to stand by Hugh Freeze. In both cases, those men were ousted because of public pressure. If they had been women, they most likely would have been fired much faster.

Men need to be better

Boys on college campuses who are playing sports are far too entitled, and they are often given far too much leeway.

These boys are often taught that they have the right to anything they want, and they are often sold on colleges because of how pretty the girls are. We can leave out the fact that a lot of those girls are probably gay or asexual and assume that not every girl on campus wants to sleep with you because you play football. Football players and coaches are using women to meet their recruiting needs, and then these football players and other athletes try to take what is not theirs.

The coaches and other administrators claim that these women are willing victims because, if we look closely enough, we will find out how depraved old men are for using the beauty of young women to earn a salary. Yes, if you are a college football coach who uses girls as a talking point for your school, you are participating in an extremely depraved activity.

Baylor should be ashamed, and Mr. Garland should apologize at once for his disgusting and unwarranted statement.