Oklahoma State has a path to an undefeated Bedlam game with Oklahoma, and they must get through TCU before they get there. Oklahoma State has one of the scariest offenses in the country, and they can likely beat up on a TCU team that is simply not as good as them. However, Gary Patterson can give Oklahoma State trouble because he is known for his defensive units. Forget about the names you know from the offensive side of the ball. TCU knows how to play defense, and they could frighten the Cowboys on Saturday.

Oklahoma State has been close

We often salivate when we think of Oklahoma State because they have been amazing under Mike Gundy since he took over for Les Miles.

He has been a solid coach who appears to be liked by his players, but they always seem to have a slip-up somewhere that makes their season stop a little bit short of the BCS or the College Football Playoff. We want Oklahoma State to play well, but they never put a cherry on top of the sundae.

The Frogs have pride

TCU probably knows that they are outmatched in this game, but this team will play for pride because they want to give their fans something nice to watch. The TCU football team is a major source of pride for the school, and the people who show up to watch them will not be happy with a game that ends 55-0. Oklahoma State could easily score that many points if the TCU defense has a bad day, but it would not play well with the TCU fans.

The Horned Frogs must make sure that they have saved something for the end of the game when Oklahoma State can break out the trick plays, and they can score a lot of points late in the game that TCU would not be prepared for.

Season over

The Oklahoma State season will be over if the team does not win this game. They need to be sure that they have prepared for TCU because they might be looking ahead to other hard games on their schedule.

The Cowboys have a right to think about going into Bedlam without any losses, but they will start losing if they do not focus on trap games like TCU. It would not be surprising to see the TCU Horned Frogs win this game, and it would be less surprising if Oklahoma State tripped up once again. We can only go with what we know.

What we know about Oklahoma State is that they have had at least one terrible loss every season for as long as we can remember.

Oklahoma State has their best chance to contend for a national title, and they cannot throw it away while playing a team that should not contend for a championship this year.