Former Baylor coach art briles has landed on his feet - but not without major controversy following him across the border. Some will point to his football acumen in discussing why he earned his new job. Most, however, will point to the destruction he partially caused back in Waco, Texas, as a reason why he should never work in the coaching business again. Nevertheless, the CFL is giving him a second chance that may not be deserved.

Welcome to the CFL

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL chose to bring Briles on as an offensive assistant coach on Monday.

The team is one of the worst in the league, sporting a winless 0-8 record so far this season. Kent Austin stepped down as head coach and June Jones - who has a similar college football background to the former Baylor coach - stepped in, giving Briles an opening to get back into the coaching ranks. He also has a connection to Robert Griffin III, who played for the Bears; if the quarterback chooses to go north of the border, Hamilton would have the first shot at signing him.

Interestingly, Hamilton has an experience with controversial figures leading their team. Eric Tillman is currently serving as the team's general manager. He had to resign from a previous CFL stop after pleading guilty to the sexual assault of a teenage babysitter.

He was not sentenced and it did not reflect in his criminal record, something he and Briles can bond over. The team has not yet commented on their new hire.

The problem with Briles

Briles was an extremely good coach on the field at Baylor. He posted a 65-37 record during eight years at the Waco school, a place where sustained success on the gridiron had long forsaken the fans.

He also helped the team win two Big 12 title shares and developed some of the school's greatest players, including Griffin III, Josh Gordon, and Corey Coleman. His offensive acumen will serve him well in the CFL.

But he was also in charge as a sexual assault scandal rocked Baylor. Investigations have culminated in the idea that the school's program, led by Briles, fostered an environment where players were allowed to do as they pleased, even at the expense of other members of the community.

The disgraced coach was fired, as was much of the school's administration. Since then, every time Briles' name has popped up in college circles, it has been shot down by angry fans. It's clear he shouldn't be allowed college students anymore; whether or not he has a right to work in the CFL is another issue entirely, one the fans may not be able to decide.