Scoring in the NFL is the most important thing on every team. Look at the Giants who are completely crushed right now because they cannot score. The teams that have the best offenses will find themselves at the top of the Power Rankings for most of the season, and there are many reasons why these teams are great. The common thread among all of them is the offenses that can continue to score more points than anyone else in the league. If your team has a great offense, you will find them up here. If they are leaning on just one player or cannot score, you will find them near the bottom.

Falcons, Patriots, Raiders, Chiefs

These are the four best offenses in the league, and they will keep these teams at the top of the league as long as they continue to score. The Titans are pretty close to being in this conversation, and the Lions might be in this conversation if fans trusted their team more. Fans believe that the Packers are alright, but they seem to have a bad offensive line. How do we grade all these teams who can score if only one team can win a Super Bowl at the end of the year?

Consistent scoring

Consistent scoring is required for all the teams who sit at the top of the league, and they must find ways to make their offenses as efficient as possible. They must score quickly, and they must give their defenses a chance to get them back on the field.

The Chiefs and Raiders have been striking early and often. The Falcons had a great early performance against the Packers, and the Patriots recovered from a bad week one loss by putting up a lot of points. Consistent scoring makes these teams a lot more dangerous than normal, and your team must start playing this way if they want to climb near the top.

Offensive lines

The offensive line has ruined the season for the Giants, and teams like the Packers could be in trouble if they do not remain consistent on the offensive line. Seattle will have the same problems, and they must do something with their offensive line that will make them play better. They need to help the people on the line who are not playing well, and they must be consistent as they train the players on the line.

The offensive line could be bad enough to keep one of these teams out of the playoffs, and they will stop scoring if the line falls apart. Watch the offensive lines in the NFL to see who will end up at the top of the league at the end of the season. The Falcons fixed their line, but the Seahawks did not. Attention to detail will create more scoring for every great offense in the league.