For whatever reason, the internet seems to think that Aaron Rodgers is gay. It's an old rumor that haunted the Green Bay Packers quarterback before he hooked up with Olivia Munn. Now that he's split from the "X-Men" beauty, those pesky gay rumors have popped back up and some of the "evidence" has nothing to do with Aaron at all.

Aaron Rodgers makes 'drastic' changes

Aaron Rodgers love life has been the subject of a lot of speculation lately. When his brother, Jordan Rodgers, ended up winning the love of JoJo Fletcher on "The Bachelorette," Rodgers personal life was thrust into the spotlight.

The once unassuming superstar quarterback who seemingly led a pretty low key, off-camera personal life became the subject of trending celebrity relationship news. His rocky relationship with his family was put on blast when Aaron likely would have preferred to keep his private life just that- private.

After his breakup from Olivia Munn, Aaron Rodgers made it clear that he was making "drastic changes" to his life. While some assumed that the Green Bay Packers' star meant that he'd be making up with his family following his failed relationship. After all, it was Munn who caused the family rift according to the rumor mill.

Is a tattoo the clue to Aaron Rodgers' sexuality?

Another reason that the Aaron Rodgers gay rumors have started to trend again is due to a tattoo.

The thing is, it's not a tattoo on Rodgers' body. Instead, it's a tattoo of his body. In it, the Green Bay Packers quarterback is wearing his football jersey and helmet while holding the football. The tattoo is controversial because it depicts him without pants but sporting a jock strap and a pair of socks.

The Aaron Rodgers tattoo has sparked controversy as angry Green Bay Packers fans crowded the Instagram pages of the Colorado artist who created the piece.

The artist, Alisha Rice, has spoken out and said that the tattoo has nothing to do with Rodgers' sexuality. That the client who got the ink was a Packers fan and that getting a tattoo is personal and that the mass of critics who have flooded her page don't have to understand it.

Last but not least

So Aaron Rodgers is spotted out with a mystery blonde after the gay rumors start to plague him again.

There are pictures of the outing all over social media. Rather than assume that Rodgers is out with a potential new girlfriend, he instantly gets criticized for trying to cover up his gayness.

Apparently, Rodgers has been seen palling around with and also working out with Nick Jonas. More "evidence" in the case of the Aaron Rodgers gay rumors is that he recently hired a new stylist. Specifically, Rodgers hired Ryan Gosling's old stylist. But Ryan Gosling just had a baby with Eva Mendes so he's not gay by any stretch.

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