Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn were together for three years before their surprise split this month. Known as the "geek goddess," during her relationship with Rodgers, she also became known as controlling and possibly even the reason that Aaron and his family were not on speaking terms. Now, with the possible future wedding of Aaron's brother Jordan Rodgers and his "Bachelorette" star fiance JoJo Fletcher, it looks like Aaron might be on the road to making amends with his family again.

Olivia Munn came between Aaron Rodgers and his family

It's been a few years since Aaron Rodgers separated himself from his family and rumor has it that his family issues had everything to do with Olivia not getting along.

It was reported that Aaron's family wasn't a fan of the "X-Men" starlet and voiced their concerns to the NFL star. At least temporarily, that ended with Aaron Rodgers blocking his family from his life in favor of Olivia Munn.

That seems to have changed after the 2016-17 NFL season ended. There was also the issue of Aaron's brother Jordan going public with the family feud. When asked during the last season of "The Bachelorette" about his famous brother, Jordan let the news out that Aaron had distanced himself from his family and they hadn't talked in quite some time.

During the NFL playoffs, Rodgers' dad was asked if they were going to be present during his son's games. At that point, Edward Rodgers famously told the New York Times, "It's complicated.

We're hoping for the best."

Olivia Munn upset over Aaron Rodgers split

Apparently, Olivia Munn is not happy about the split from Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. She is reportedly hoping that she and her hunky football star will get back together soon. After making Aaron decide between her and his own family, though, it might be hard for Rodgers to even consider reconciliation if he's hoping to repair his relationship with his own family.

Even during Aaron Rodgers' family freeze out, things seemed to be going well for him and Olivia until their relationship issues became a hot topic on "The Bachelorette." Once Jordan Rodgers started talking about how Aaron and his family weren't on speaking terms, everyone wanted to know why. It didn't fare well when it was revealed that Olivia Munn may have been the cause for all that drama.

Aaron Rodgers' family reportedly doesn't care for Olivia Munn and thinks that she is controlling.

Do you think it was Olivia Munn's controlling behavior and Aaron Rodgers wish to fix his family relationship that caused their split? Sound off in the comments section below.