Week 2 of the NFL is always an interesting one. You start to find out which teams are for real and which teams either got a good matchup in week 1 or just outperformed everyone's expectations. Fantasy Football is always changing and the biggest toss-up in the world week to week but usually players start to find their niche and put up better numbers. For example, this week it was Tom Brady and Jermaine Kearse. But without further ado here is this weeks National Football league roundup.

NFL Week 2 Roundup:

Let's start with the Vikings who came back down to earth to play like the team we all know and love this week against the Steelers.

Sam Bradford was hurt, but the offense looked lost for the entire game. It will be interesting to see how they play next week with Bradford hopefully coming back from his injury. The Steelers offense rolled, but if you're a Le'Veon Bell fantasy owner, you have to be upset about his production so far this season. Here is a list of running backs who have more fantasy football points than him so far: Mike Gillislee, Kareem Hunt, Ty Montgomery, C.J. Anderson, and Leonard Fournette.

The Rams played the W town R words known as the Redskins and kept it interesting for most of the game. I think the Rams are a sneaky good team this year that is a Russell Wilson ankle roll or an Earl Thomas hip injury away from being a very serious contender in the NFC West.

Jared Goff played alright, but Todd Gurley had a very good game, especially if he is on your fantasy team. The Rams drop the home opener in front of all 17 of their fans 27-20.

The Colts and the Cardinals game might challenge the Thursday night abomination that was the Texans vs. Bengals game for worst of the season award. That game went on for about 47 minutes longer than anyone wanted it to.

The Colts look terrible without Andrew Luck, who isn't expected to start in week 3 either. The ball-hawking Cardinals secondary picked off Jacoby Brissett on his very first pass attempt of overtime. This led to three straight runs up the middle and a game-winning field goal. Final score Cardinals 16 Colts 13.

Dallas got annihilated in Denver.

Zeke put up a career-low eight rushing yards totaling to no fantasy points. I couldn't tell if Denver's defense is that good or if that was karma coming to bite Zeke in the butt for what he (allegedly) did to his girlfriend. Trevor Seimian looked like the second coming of a John Elway - Peyton Manning hybrid and threw for four touchdowns. This game had a little bit of everything including what felt like a 17-hour thunderstorm delay. Final score 42-17 Broncos. Brady and the Pats marched into New Orleans and threw for about 2,397,429 yards. To absolutely nobody's surprise, the Pats won 36-20 (if you thought Brady and Belichick were starting 0-2 you're insane).

This Weekends Picks Recap:

I went 2-1 this week winning my Ravens, Patriots teaser (Baltimore -1.5 and New England -1).

Lost my Rams -3 bet (looking back on that it was a bad pick) and to cap off the week I had Detroit moneyline for what was maybe the least stressful bet I will ever make. I'll post all of my NFL picks sometime this week and keep track of how I'm doing for the year. So far I'm 5-1 with that ugly Rams bet. I hope you enjoyed my first article on this, thanks for reading.