Carmelo Anthony has been traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, but that is not the biggest news in this trade. We already know that Paul George will not want to be there in a year, and it is likely that Melo is going to want to leave. This will cause problems for the Thunder and Russell Westbrook because they have just traded for two guys who will leave. That means that they will have to trade these guys for value before the season is over or pray that they will sign long-term deals.

The Knicks win

The Knicks had no way to trade Melo to a team that could give them any value, and that is why they had to take this substandard trade with the Thunder.

The Thunder traded for Melo presumably because they think that they can use him for something. They are clearly the second-best team in the conference, and that would give them at least a decent shot of competing with the Rockets. However, there is no real reason to believe that this team can compete with the Warriors in a seven-game series.

When do they move on?

The Thunder need to be sure that they have a plan for moving on from these guys. Perhaps they are waiting until the trade deadline, and they will move these guys for whatever they can get. It means that the Thunder are on a short leash. They have to learn how to play together quickly, and a slow start for the Thunder will start the trade talk very early.

The Thunder could end up in a desperate situation all because they traded for the wrong guys.

What if Paul George wants to stay?

Paul George might want remain in Oklahoma City if they are extremely competitive. This is very unlikely, but it could happen. If George wants to stay, he is going to get a lot of money. Carmelo needs to move on at that point, and he will want to leave for yet another destination he might not like.

It would be easier for the Thunder to let them both go in trades because they will get something back in return. This trade scenario does not take into account the fact that LeBron has passed Carmelo over for Isaiah Thomas.

No Cleveland destination

Carmelo did not go to Cleveland because, apparently, LeBron did not want him.

LeBron has more clout than any player in the league, and Carmelo would be in Cleveland if that is what LeBron wanted. These guys are supposed to be best friends, but Carmelo has shown that he is not all that valuable to his best buddy. That must sting a lot, and we will likely not see the banana boat reunion that we were hoping for.