Brock Osweiler has to come crawling back to the Broncos after thinking that he could take the money from the Texans and be their savior. it is a very interesting signing because I did not think that he would just go right back to the Broncos, but he has done. It is really interesting in that he could not even catch on with the Browns, and that makes him look like a career backup who will not get that chance ever again.

Brock is not a starter

Brock is the guy who comes in and makes it look nice for a couple games, but then the other teams will make sure that they study the tape.

They will make it easy to correct for whatever he does, and he has to go back on the bench. That is why closers often cannot be starters because they do not have that other pitch they can throw. Brock only has so much that he can do. Having him on the roster will win the Broncos two games if they lose Trevor Siemian, but then he has to come back because the league figured Brock out again.

Does John Elway need someone?

The Broncos have just shown you that they see absolutely nothing in Paxton Lynch. They probably thought that he could have been their backup even if he did not win the starter's job, but he must not have anything in the tank. They have brought Brock back because they know that he can at least stem the tide if there is a problem.

That is a much better way to run a team, and it helps the Broncos have assurance that they can develop Siemian the right way without thinking that they have to run him back out there if he is hurt or struggling.

The Broncos are not there yet

Building a roster includes a backup, and you can get this guy to come back to your team because you know that he works within what you do.

That is what you will do because you want to have people on your team who understand what is going on. Brock is the kind of guy who can step right in and play with the second team. Everything is taken care of, and the whole roster has someone to work with. Having a bad backup is terrible because your second ta es no good reps.

Now, you have a guy who has started in the NFL no matter how bad he was running your second team again.

Brock needed this

I know that a lot of people want to see if Brock can get back into the NFL in the future, but he will not be able to if he is going to keep playing like he did. This was a place where he could land safely, and he will be able to stay in Denver for a long time. This can be the place where he is welcome, and he could help Trevor Siemian grow so that Denver will be in the best condition possible to win.