The Miami Dolphins may soon be scampering for a quarterback following the untimely injury to Ryan Tannehill. The names of Colin Kaepernick and Jay Cutler have been floated though both come with repercussions. With nothing official, another possibility would be Brock Osweiler of the Cleveland Browns.

Osweiler found himself shipped by the Houston Texans to the Browns and NFL trade talk has been around for quite some time. While Hue Jackson has not shown any indication of possibly pulling the trigger, seeing the 26-year-old with the Dolphins makes a bit of sense.

Osweiler hails good friend Adam Gase

In a previous post, the things tied up to Kaepernick and Cutler with Gase were detailed. Osweiler carries something different – he is a good friend of Adam Gase. Could this be enough to swing a trade?

That is a possibility. For Osweiler, a move will not be his call. It all depends on Sashi Brown and Jackson if they feel that sending him to the Dolphins would be wise. Doing so will, of course, require something in exchange.

Gase was the position coach of Osweiler when both were in Denver back in 2012. Aside from that, Gase also served as Brock’s offensive coordinator for the next two seasons, reported. So add up those things plus the fact that they are close, the Dolphins could get the solution for their quarterback woes.

But how will they go about it?

With uncertainty looming on how long Tannehill will be out, the best Miami can do for now is study the possibility. It will take a good package to pull this one off, assuming the Browns are aligned with the idea of sending the struggling player.

Guidance may be the key to getting Osweiler’s NFL career back on track.

Jackson could very well do that, but stronger ties may churn out better results. To date, Osweiler is reportedly in the running to start for the Browns unless Jackson sees otherwise. Could it take that long for Cleveland to decide on what to do with the 26-year-old?

It may all boil down to the performance of DeShone Kizer, the guy Osweiler will be competing with for the starting quarterback role for the Browns.

If so, that may not speak well on Osweiler landing with the Dolphins. Most teams are busy preparing so a last-minute move may not be feasible. Hence, Osweiler may just be another option for now with the Dolphins still mum on their plans.

A good working relationship between Osweiler and Gase could resolve the issue. The Browns will expectedly not thumb up the deal without anything in exchange. Expect more candidates for the Dolphins quarterback void in the coming weeks.