An improving Deshone Kizer has earned the rookie quarterback the starting nod for the Cleveland Browns against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The move is seen more as a reward by coach Hue Jackson though critics beg to differ.

With the change in starting quarterback, a potential Brock Osweiler trade is back in the air. Asked on whether the 26-year-old would ask for a trade, the former Arizona State University standout says it is a topic he would rather not touch.

Where did that come from?

With critics keeping close tabs on the Browns, Jackson was pretty much surprised at the insinuations.

He reiterates on how the decision to go with Kizer was his call and that no one has told Osweiler that he was on his way out.

Osweiler had his chance to show what he can do. He played in four series and two-quarters in the Brown’s first two preseason games, ESPN reported. He made only 12 of 22 passes for 67 yards, numbers which fare poorly when compared to Kizer.

Kizer went 19 of 31 for 258 yards for Cleveland and has been impressive. With the progress that he has made, it comes to no surprise that Jackson would want to see more from the second round pick from Notre Dame.

All part of a process

Being a rookie, Brown stresses that development is still important for a budding quarterback like Kizer.

Hence, the decision for him to start against the Bucs may be an acid test rather than a permanent role.

The best way to look at it is Kizer getting the chance to earn the starting quarterback role if he continues to impress Jackson and the rest. Like most teams, the one who churns out the best performance will eventually do the play-calling for the Browns.

No regrets for Osweiler

Osweiler was a promising player too before he jumped from the Denver Broncos to the Houston Texans. With the starting quarterback job on the line, it seems uncanny for him to botch the opportunity.

Regardless, he has no regrets on his showing even if it somehow pushes him a bit back. Kizer has done better so the best Osweiler can do right now is be a good teammate and see if new opportunities come up in the future.

A trade involving Osweiler could happen, something that most believed was imminent when he was sent off by the Texans. If one is indeed coming, there is nothing official on that for now. One factor that most are singling out is the $16 million guaranteed salary Brock is due for 2017. Unless he shows he is worth every penny, a move could be eventually pulled for obvious (monetary) reasons.