The Cowboys from Oklahoma State had their season spoiled last week by TCU. I will take full credit for anticipating that the OSU football team would have that one bad loss that ruins their season. However, they are going to play a Texas Tech team that needs a signature win of its own. OSU could run unto major problems if they lose to TTU and Tech needs the win because it is possible that their whole coaching staff is on their last legs. Who can win this big game and who will prove that this conference is so competitive?

Except for Baylor

Baylor is honestly a pathetic excuse for a school and a football team.

They have lost to Liberty this season in the holy war over biblical interpretation and now Baylor is going to be the punching bag that the Big 12 uses for years to come. Literally every other team in the conference is viable except for this one, and that is why it is important that the teams in the Big 12 play their best so they are guaranteed one win in conference.

And Texas

Texas is not very good. Perhaps that's because they are several years behind on recruiting. Texas once ruled this conference but they will get trucked by Oklahoma. They will lose a ton of games just because they are not very good and the Longhorns will have to wait several years to improve.

And Texas Tech

I am personally invested in the success of Texas Tech because I have a friend who goes to the school.

However, that does not mean that I think the team is all that good. They seem to have a caricature for a coach, and their offense has not been firing on all cylinders. It actually makes more sense for the Red Raiders to settle down and get away from all the hype that has been used by their very fit coach. Being in shape means nothing, and if you want proof, you can look to Jimbo Fisher.

You have to be a good coach and it looks like Jimbo Fisher would win that contest.

How to combat a poor image

The Big 12 needs to hope for a very good conference title game, and they need to be sure that they promote it as much as possible. People have to pay attention and care about this conference if they want to be relevant, and they will ride Oklahoma's success into he College Football Playoff.

It is very interesting to think about how much better Oklahoma is than everyone else in this conference. It's funny that Oklahoma will not actually need any help getting to the playoff this year. In the future, however, the Big 12 needs a good conference title game. All in all, they have a lot of work to do.