Ah, Hugh Hefner. The man who changed the world and the sex industry in his lifetime. Many are mourning his death. He was an advocate for many things and a good role model. Many are taking this time and looking back at all the things that Hefner did that could have scarred them forever. Several people claim that due to his advancement of Sex Work for women, Hefner was a feminist who loved women. So was he? The short answer is no.

What exactly did Hefner advocate for?

Hugh Hefner advocated for many progressive things in his lifetime. He pushed for many things such as reproductive rights for women, gay rights, and free speech.

"Playboy" itself was groundbreaking when it came to nudity and sex. Some will go as far to say that Hefner was part of the "free love" culture because of his work and advocacy. Was it all in good conscience, or was there an underlying reason that would have been more beneficial to Hefner?

There were several underlying reasons. Hefner definitely brought to light the idea of sexual openness and desire, but not for women. Every accomplishment in sex work that Hefner made was made to benefit men. Women were seen and used as sex objects. Women have never been viewed in the same way that men are, especially when it comes to sexual needs and desires. Women only became more accessible for men to use.

Hefner knocked down several sexual barriers for men. It was easier for men to receive sexual pleasure, although they didn't care to return the favor to their partners. And women were still shamed for resulting pregnancies and infections, even though it's equally the fault of the man. None of Hefner's accomplishments helped women explore their own sexuality and needs.

The women impacted by Hefner

Anyone who knows a thing about Hefner knows about his "Playboy" Mansion and the girls who lived inside- his Bunnies. When it came to women, Hefner had a type, as does everyone else. He enjoyed blondes below a certain age, all resembling Barbie in the body. Each of Hefner's Bunnies had Strict Rules to live by.

They had curfews, were expected to engage in sexual activities with Hefner, and were frequently supplied with drugs. They also had to have a gynecological exam done by a doctor of the "Playboy" club's choice.

Hefner enforced such strict rules on the Bunnies, it's clear that he didn't love them. He knew that if they didn't have to sleep with him, they wouldn't. If they weren't forced to be back at the Mansion at a certain time, they wouldn't come back. Hefner did terrible things and got rich that way, and now people see him as a positive icon.

Hefner always got his way, even in death. He's going to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe- a woman he wronged for his own gain. Her images set the path for his magazine, but she never wanted them published at all.

And people call him a positive icon.