Plenty of scary Movies are coming to theaters next month. After all, it's October (and an October containing a Friday the 13th, no less). Among others, there's a new Movie in the "Amityville" franchise, the "Saw" franchise, and even a horror flick that seems inspired by "Groundhog Day." This writer doesn't really care for the horror genre, though. Instead, we'll take a look at some of the other big films coming out in the third-to-last month of 2017, including several notable biopics.

4. 'Marshall'

Chadwick Boseman stars as Thurgood Marshall, the first African American named to the United States Supreme Court.

For whatever reason, this biopic isn't going to focus on that feat. It's not even going to focus on his role in "Brown v. Board of Ed." Instead, the movie is about his younger days as a lawyer, enduring personal and professional struggles. Fortunately, Boseman has experience playing famous black men in films, portraying Jackie Robinson in "42." [October 13]

3. 'Suburbicon'

After the disappointment of "Hail, Caesar!," the Coen brothers are back, this time with George Clooney at the helm. Thinks look idyllic in America's sprawling suburbia, but Matt Damon comes across a much darker version of that reality. The movie, which also stars Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac, has received mixed reviews from critics so far.

But it might be nice to see Damon in a dramatic role (albeit in a satire), instead of the role of an action star. [October 27]

2. 'Blade Runner 2049'

Sequel season won't doom the film landscape in October. The only notable one is the futuristic "Blade Runner" sequel, starring Ryan Gosling. Harrison Ford is back as the old man who inevitably says "I'm too old for this." Jared Leto also has a role which he did his typical strange method acting.

All in all, it looks very much like the old "Blade Runner" movie, which was ahead of its time - at the time. It may have a much harder time distinguishing itself this time around. [October 6]

1. 'Thank You for Your Service'

Miles Teller is starring in two movies coming out in October - "Only the Brave" is the other one - so let's go with the movie that will be harder to watch.

Everyone knows that veterans have a hard time rejoining society after fighting overseas for a morally ambiguous cause. This film will put that in the face of everyone who isn't directly impacted by the issue. Don't be distracted by a serious turn from Amy Schumer. [October 27]