The warriors are so good that Vegas does not trust people who are putting their money on them. The team is a powerful one that could easily win another championship considering that the Cavaliers are in a state of flux. Perhaps the Celtics could make it to the Finals, but I see no reason to believe that the Warriors would lose. Vegas has accounted for this by creating insane odds on this team, and they are asking you to spend a mountain of cash to make a small amount.

The bets are prohibitive

The bets that you have to place to win money on the Warriors are ridiculous.

You need to have a lot of cash to make your bets, and you will win a tiny amount when you place your bets. The Casino is planning to take their money back just in case the Warriors lose, and they will ask you to place a $100,000 bet to win $100. That is 1-10,000 odds for your bet on the Warriors. You are not even earning any real money by betting on them, and it would be in your best interest to find a prop bet where you can make money.

Why do this?

Vegas could have taken a major bath on the Warriors last year, and there are many people who will find that they want to make sure money. You could make some easy cash, but you cannot drop a random hundred dollars on the bets that you place. The Warriors are favorites to win, but they are such big favorites that they are not worth the bet.

There are other things you can spend your money on

You can spend your money on props and parlays that are far more interesting to you, and you will find that you may have some fun with bets that are more unpredictable than betting on the Warriors. You are simply wasting your time if you are sitting in the bar watching the Warriors win a title you knew they would win, and you could be excited to see if they will pay off on a prop bet or parlay that was more interesting to you.

I would try some of those bets for a few dollars, and it would provide some suspense while Kevin Durant is averaging 30 points a game in the Finals.

The Warriors will win

The Warriors will wil the Finals simply because they have more talent and more organization than anyone else. I believe that they can go 16-0, 15-1, or 14-2 in the playoffs, and I believe that they will do that this year and next.

The Warriors will continue to dominate the NBA until they break up their team or the Lakers get LeBron to come to town. Someone who wishes to bet on the Warriors today should save their money until the odds are a little bit better.