The Golden State Warriors are in the position to easily win the NBA Finals because they are the most talented team in the league. They are good enough that they will cruise through the West, and they have been predicted to win more than 60 games. Gauging the over/under on this team is easy, and someone who is betting in Vegas will find that there are a lot of over/unders that you could Bet on that seem plausible.

67.5 games

The number on the Warriors is 67.5, but I would still bet on that because the team is so good. I know that it is a ridiculous number, and it is probably insane to bet on.

I know you think I am crazy, but it is a bet that I would place. They will probably not win 73 games again, but they could breach 67.5 at the end of the season. There are a lot of people who will find their favorite teams on the list at a place that will give them a reason to bet. I am not giving betting advice, and I am not telling you to bet the farm. I am only saying that I would place the bet if I could.

Other teams have better odds

Cleveland at 53.5 and OKC at 51.5 will be good bets for you, and there are other bets that I think would work even though they are for bad teams. I would take the Knicks at 30.5, and I can imagine that you could make money on bad teams who have their numbers set fairly low.

Again, this is not betting advice so much as it is my inclination. There are several people who could make a lot of money betting this way, and it would be suspenseful to bet on something like this.

Why is Cleveland so low?

Because LeBron is in "I do not care about the Regular Season" mode. He is planning on coasting to the finals unless he has to get through a much better Celtics team this season.

I think that he will rest up for the postseason, and I think that will give up games just because he needs to be ready for the Warriors. We all saw how much rest he got in the regular season last year, and he still lost in the Finals family badly. The Cavaliers looked terrible in the Finals for the most part, and only winning 53 games will get them through the east just fine.

Why do we care?

We care about these betting lines because we need something to talk about. I am happy to explain how the betting lines work to someone who is casually interested in basketball, and it gives us something that we can discuss before we get started. Someone who is learning about basketball for the first time can do some reading to find out why the Knicks number is so low, the Cavaliers are so moderate, and The Warriors are so high. We are anticipating another walkover this season.