Veteran power forward David West of the Golden State Warriors said the Cleveland Cavaliers are in a turmoil right now because they don’t communicate. In an interview on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones, West said the Warriors don’t have a problem that the Cavs currently experiencing because they communicate. West particularly mentioned Draymond Green, whom he said is doing a great job in keeping the locker room wide open, thus keeping the relationship between superstars and teammates smooth.

West also mentioned Andre Iguodala’s veteran leadership and coach Steve Kerr’s openness to everyone.

“We talk everything out, and everybody’s on the same page,” said West. The veteran power forward also said that everyone has set their personal motives aside and put winning as their primary objective.

West made the pronouncement when asked about the situation between Cavaliers teammates Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. Irving demanded a trade from the Cavs because he wants to be the leader of a team and not play second fiddle to James. Irving even mentioned four teams – San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves and the New York Knicks – as his preferred landing spots.

Warriors welcome Cavaliers challenge

The Warriors and the Cavaliers have met in the Finals for three straight years, winning twice.

They are expected to do it again even if Irving gets traded in the offseason. According to West, it only proves that the two squads are putting up a great combination of talent and doing their best to excel amid the tough competition in the NBA. “Just the caliber of talent on both teams, the fact that those teams have been in the Finals the last few years, just puts extra spotlight on the games,” West said.

West to return for final season

The 36-year-old West won his first NBA title last season when the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers in five games. West, a 14-year veteran, will return for one more season before he hangs up his jersey for good. Last season, West became a key contributor off the bench, averaging 4.6 points and 3.0 points in 66 games.

The Warriors managed to sign West to a one-year, $2.32 million deal after Kevin Durant accepted less pay to help the team keep its key contributors off the bench. Durant accepted a $9 million pay cut, signing a two-year, $53 million deal to give the Warriors space to sign Iguodala to a three-year, $48 million deal and Shaun Livingston to a three-year, $24 million contract. The Warriors also signed veteran backup center JaVale McGee to a one-year, veteran’s minimum deal.