As Giancarlo Stanton continues his quest to hit as many Home Runs as possible, he has taken the time to thank people, which is honorable. He mentioned how he has support from his former hitting coach and from MLB's home run record holder, Barry Bonds. His home run streak is definitely quite a story for baseball fans.

Stanton's inspiration

Stanton mentioned that Barry Bonds has been a huge inspiration and motivation for him during this time.

The two are good friends and he has been a huge guide and role model for him. We always learn from those who are the best and who are wise and this is the case for Stanton and Bonds. Stanton hit his 50th home run this year on August 27th. He claims that his current 50 home run season is nothing compared to Barry Bond's record of 73. He said he is setting a goal of hitting 62 home runs.

There are 33 games remaining in the season, so Stanton believes he can reach his goal of 62 home runs by the end of the season. In the second half of the season, Stanton has hit 17 home runs in August and 50 RBI's according to the Score.

'Unstoppable Stanton'

Many are calling him "Unstoppable Stanton" because of his historic August with the Miami Marlins.

He was also named player of the week for the second time this month. Stanton is definitely in the running for the NL MVP Award this year.

He should be proud of himself, as this is the first time in his career that he has hit 50 home runs. It is quite an accomplishment for a baseball player to hit that many home runs in a season.

According to the Score, he is just the sixth player to reach 50 home runs before the end of August.

Stanton is the real deal

Many are calling Stanton the hero that Miami deserves.

His achievement will be celebrated and remembered for a long time. At the end of the day, even if Stanton doesn't finish with 62 home runs, his success will still be celebrated, especially with his team. We should also not forget that Stanton is still only 27 years old. Remember when we all thought that Aaron Judge was better than Giancarlo Stanton? Let's face the music, many were on Stanton's side the whole time. Many have been applauding Aaron Judge, but let's face it, Stanton is clearly the better player and hitter.

Stanton is the type of player that you wait for to go up to bat, as you know what he is capable of. He is the type of player that can hit multiple homers in the game. The type of player that can, when you're in the ninth inning and down a run, with one swing of the bat tie up the game.