Conor McGregor used his latest sparring session with Paulie Malignaggi to let us know that he is ready for Floyd Mayweather. A full-length feature on McGroegor has been published detailing his days learning boxing in Dublin, and he would have us believe that he knocked out a former world champion in a sparring match. Malignaggi tells a different tale, and you must remember how hard McGregor is selling this fight.

He has talked himself into $100 million

The hype surrounding this fight with Floyd Mayweather boils down to Conor's ability to sell the fight.

He is one of the best trash talkers we have ever seen, and he knows how to sell himself and the fights he is in. He practically challenged Floyd Mayweather to this fight, and Floyd took the bait to pay off the IRS. Something tells this writer that Conor will do anything to raise the gate, raise the pay per view buys, and increase interest in this fight.

Punched or shoved?

Conor said that he knocked down Paulie Malignaggi. Malignaggi says that he was shoved. We have two people with two differing accounts, but we have one fighter who stands to make a lot of money if he convinces people he has a chance of beating Floyd Mayweather. It is more likely that Malignaggi was shoved and McGregor's camp created the story to build buzz around the fight.

He is an excellent promoter in his own right, and Conor will not back down from what he said when the story first surfaced.

Malignaggi becomes the punchline

We will remember Paulie Malignaggi many years from now as the guy who sparred with Conor McGregor before his first fight with Floyd Mayweather. I say first fight because I believe there will be a sequel.

Paulie has been used to show us that Conor can hit a good fighter, but Floyd is a great fighter. He is so defensively gifted that Conor may not even punch him once. The results of the fight will tell the tale, but I believe that Malignaggi was used as a pawn to make the fight look more appealing. Boxers do not expect to be shoved to the ground, and Malignaggi was used because more people will believe Conor's side of the story.

Conor McGregor has done such a good job of selling this fight that I am talking about it on Blasting News yet again. It is a fight that will create a sideshow and intrigue like we have never seen. I do not know for certain if Paulie was punched or shoved to the ground, but I know that his storyline has been written. Conor McGregor turned him into a stooge to make a little more money.