In Charlottesville, Virginia today we witnessed some ignorant, uneducated, idiotic, racist human refuse marching in protest of the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue that represents racism to many. They have a right to do that, you know? They have a right to assemble, peaceably. They have a right to use illiterate, small-minded rhetoric in public too. However, they do not have the right to use hateful, racist speech. They are not, to my knowledge, permitted to brandish weapons and/or incite violence. That is not permitted anywhere in the constitution, thankfully.

Religious and/or racist extremism

It’s time to recognize religious extremism and racism as not simply a crime, but a dangerous mental health problem in The United States of America -- if not the world. It may be legal to be stupid, but I do not believe it is legal to behave stupidly, mainly when that behavior threatens the life or liberty of other human beings. That is criminal. It’s also insane. Insane is defined as a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, and/or human interaction.

Religion and/or racism themselves may not be caused by mental instability. Rather, it would seem that they lead to it, in the form of extremism. In my estimation, religious, political, and/or racist extremism acts, in almost every way, identical to several mental disorders -- and they are often dangerous.

They are dangerous because when one believes in something so unflinchingly that it requires a suspension of critical thought to maintain, they will often do anything to maintain the delusion.

Cowardly murder

It’s comforting to note that this bigoted sector of America has been shrinking. This tiny fragment only serves to galvanize that massive majority that voted against our orange nemesis Donald Trump and his unstable and uneducated base.

Of course we are angry. We don’t give sticks and guns to the mentally ill for a reason. These people are cowards that carry bats and large shields and cower under silly helmets and goggles when faced with confrontation. Their illiteracy is there for the world to see on their racist banners. They hide in unmarked cars with dark tinted windows to murder people.

This type of ignorance, cowardice, and extremism begs to be treated as criminally insane terrorism. I believe it’s just another example of how separatism and ignorance can lead to extremism, stupidity, and mental illness. Those are my two cents.