Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather is now more fact than fiction, something unthinkable even just a few months back. The current UFC lightweight champion spoke with Irish media recently, and provided an update on negotiations with Mayweather.

“I’m excited and I’m prepared. We’re very close to inking it. I’m not going to say no more, we’re very close, that’s it."

UFC will allow Conor vs. Floyd

The potential Floyd vs. Conor bout has seemingly already crossed its biggest hurdle, as the UFC has stated they will not interfere in the bout taking place.

Previously it was believed the UFC would attempt to file an injunction to stop the bout from taking place. It appears however, that the UFC will not stand in Conor's way of earning as much as he would from a high-profile boxing bout.

What could the UFC lose if Conor performs poorly?

The issue the new UFC owners, WME-IMG, face is that if Conor McGregor were to be embarrassed by Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring, it could hurt his drawing power in MMA. From Conor's perspective this would be acceptable, as the money he can make from fighting Floyd would eclipse anything he could make in the UFC, even with his significant drawing power. For the UFC however, they stand to gain nothing from Conor boxing, but could incur damage if he is made to look bad.

Can Conor McGregor defeat Floyd Mayweather?

Absolutely. Mayweather is not powerful enough to knock Conor McGregor out, but Conor has shown an incredible ability to put fighters to sleep with his left hand. So long as that left hand continues to be as powerful with a boxing glove on it, Conor McGregor has a puncher's chance.

Conor just needs to make contact with Floyd once to shock the world, but Floyd has made a long and profitable career of making skilled striker's miss.

The bout is risky for Mayweather as well, seeing as Conor is completely un-scouted in a boxing ring. Something Conor will have going for him in the bout, is that it is unlikely Mayweather or his camp are taking him seriously.