There are times when fact must take precedence over all else, and this is one of those times. At this point, it matters not if you support our current president or you don't. It makes no difference if you are for or against equality of the LBGTQ community. The ugly truth staring us all in the face is the fact that our president lied to those who are Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender. He promised to be their advocate and now is violating their human rights.

The president is a liar

This situation is not miscommunication, misinterpretation, or a misunderstanding.

President Donald Trump is on record as saying he would support the LGBTQ community. Since taking the oath of office he has done everything he can to undo the progress in that direction by the previous administration. One of his first executive orders was to take away protection for Transgenders and Gays working in the government.

His next move was to reverse the Obama Administration decision to allow school children to utilize the restroom of the gender they identify with. Had the President remained neutral, and not made these promises, his decision may not look so bad. When, however, any individual promises one thing and then goes in the completely opposite direction, he or she is a liar. President Trump has been flat out lying since he was elected to the Oval Office.

The future for the Transgender and Gay community in America

Some may not agree with their lifestyle but those who are a part of the LBGTQ community are human beings and fellow Americans. They deserve the same rights as any American citizen. A commander in chief should not dismiss some U.S.A. citizens as not deserving of equal rights.

It brings to mind the America of the past where African Americans had to drink from separate water fountains and could not enjoy the same freedoms as Caucasians living within the same society.

This nation should be prepared, for Donald Trump to overturn the ruling that same sex couples could marry. He said during his campaign that this was already a law, and he would not touch it but look at his other actions.

Those who oppose marriage between individuals of the same gender should take a moment and be objective. When you view this as a human rights issue rather than religious the entire situation looks very different.

The President of the United States took an oath to serve and protect all Americans. He made specific promises to those in the LBGTQ community. Now with a few strokes of his legislative pen, he is making decisions that are the complete opposite of what he said he would do. he is showing himself to be prejudiced to a segment of American society.And once again showing himself to not be very presidential.