Evidently, far-right Politics are currently experiencing a widespread resurrection. This has become an almost global socio-political phenomenon. This ideology is aggressively infiltrating the collective consciousness of nations all over Europe, after doing the same in the United States. What or who do we have to "thank" for this?

Pointing fingers is always walking on the line between objective journalism and personal biases (which all of us, undoubtedly, have) or personal political affiliations. One could analyze the resurrection of far-right politics from countless angles: from a sociological, economic, political and psychological perspective.

All of that would, however, be merely scratching the surface.

Why is this happening?

Sociological trends come and go and they are, more often than not, caused by current societal norms and dictated by the economic situation within any given country, as well as the country's sociopolitical climate. The United States have, for example, had 8 years of Barrack Obama's presidency. Even though some would argue that the moves he has made, as a president and as the most prominent political figure of The Democratic Party, do not define him as a leftist, he is, at least on paper, a left-leaning politician.

After a long and difficult economic crisis, the citizens of the United States were desperate for change that Obama has not delivered.

This, in combination with faux-political correctness holding the American people hostage and serving more as a propaganda and censorship tool, than as a tolerance generator, has moved an entire generation of Americans to the right.

The Donald Trump phenomenon

As, in part, a response to everything that has been happening in America for the past 8 years, a sociological phenomenon of sorts has reached the surface -- Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is everything the average politician is not. He has ridden the wave of this pushback to the aggressive PC culture and managed to turn the entire situation into his advantage, wisely manipulating his way into the White House. Trump becoming the POTUS has helped birth and define a particularly aggressive far-right movement - the alt-right.

Similar things have been happening all over Europe. The immigration crisis that hit the most powerful countries of the continent has shown to be the perfect cop out for far-right populists, which have found a way to capitalize on the peoples' desperation and revolt, disguising their far-right nationalism in healthy patriotism.

At the moment, it seems as if things are falling back into their place, but the far-right does not need a lot to gain momentum. As long as the left remains uninterested and passive, the right wing will continue to rise, with occasional drops of momentum, like the one we are witnessing right now.