Never in U.S. history has a president been as associated with hate and bigotry as Donald Trump has. The outcry against what is considered as the "Trump effect' just continues to grow. On Thursday during a conference in New York, Hillary Clinton joined the fray by expressing her opinion about the hate that is being inspired by President Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton's take on things

Some might say that Hillary Clinton is still angry she lost the presidential election, but she is not alone in her assessment of number 45. Clinton said he had unleashed a level of vitriol and hate that is incredibly dangerous.

The former Democratic candidate added that as an individual she is fine but as an American she is worried. Her words echo the sentiment of what Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said in November.

At that time he said the election of Donald Trump emboldened bigotry and hate in America and indeed it has. Just this week NBA star Lebron James said someone spray painted the N-word on the front gate to his home. James lives in an affluent neighborhood. The stereotypical blue collar racist is not likely to venture into this neck of the woods so more than likely it was someone of equal status to James and proves Ms. Clinton's point that the levels of hate are escalating and indeed dangerous.

The Trump effect at work

During his campaign President, Trump did not distance himself from David Duke a former Klansman. He remained silent when graves were overturned in Jewish cemeteries, and anti-Semitic activity increased. Number 45 stood by when members of the LBGTQ community were the targets of increased intolerance. As black and brown Americans began to be targeted by bigot's the president did not respond to the hate.

The president only commented to the vitriol,( bitterly abusive expressions and feelings) when interviewed on the television show "Sixty Minutes'. Even then he only uttered two words, he looked into the camera and sad "Stop it" but the hate has not ended. It has escalated to extremely unacceptable levels.The blame lies squarely at the feet of our POTUS because The Trump Effect is in full force.

Had he truly been against all the bigotry Donald Trump would have done more than say a meek "Stop it." This was code to the racists who believe he represents them. The president's silence speaks volumes. His refusal to address what he ha unleashed in the nation says everything. Those accusing Hillary Clinton of sour grapes are burying their head in the sand. They are using her so they will not have to address the ugly climate in the USA right now. Donald Trump did not make American great again. He has set in motion an atmosphere for the bigots to publically express hate again.