President Trump stated he was the least racist, anti-Semitic, sexist, person on the planet. His actions however, are proving otherwise. The Donald just rescinded an Obama era law that protects women's rights. With little fanfare, the POTUS proves once again, that the pen is mightier than the sword. In one swift move, he undid years of hard work that led to women getting equal pay. Trump revoked the fair pay and safe workplace executive order signed in 2014 by Barack Obama.

The Fair pay order

Former president Barack Obama signed the fair pay order into law in 2010.

This came after an investigation revealed, that companies receiving government funding, were found guilty of gross misconduct in the workplace. This law was to ensure that the worst offenders would not benefit from government funds. Two rules in this order specifically benefit female workers. One is a ban on forced arbitration clauses related to discrimination, sexual assault and sexual harassment. The other is paycheck transparency. Now with the stroke of his executive pen, President Trump ha set women's rights into a backward spiral.

President Trump's ancient mentality

The Obama era set laws in motion, that gave benefits to not only women, but the LBGTQ community as well. President Donald Trump is making a point to revoke those rights.

President Obama's administration showed itself friendly to those who were not what is referred to as WASP's, which stands for White Anglo Saxon Protestants.

Donald Trump even when he was campaigning used what some believe to be code words or racism, and sexism. Hate crimes against Jews, Mexicans, Muslims, and the LBGTQ communities have increased since Trump took office.

He said he was going to make America great again, but it seems he has only made American hate again. Women have been protesting for equal rights, sine the early days of this nation. Protests increased after President Trump was sworn into office. Women are not going to take this lying down. And are probably already planning another protest to have their rights restored.