Former President Bill Clinton started an annual White House dinner 20 years ago. It was to celebrate with Muslim Americans the end of fasting for Ramadan. Every subsequent President has upheld the tradition until now. Both President Donald Trump and Secretary of Sate Rex Tillerson refused to continue the observance this year. Their actions send a dangerous message in a climate that is already charged with indifference and intolerance.

The Trump Effect in action again

Once again Donald Trump is unleashing hate and vitriol into the nation.There has already been an increase in anti-Muslim crimes in America since he won the election.

Now he is ignoring two decades long tradition. This indicates that President Trump and his Secretary of State have a high level of intolerance for those who practice Islam. So much so that they could not even sit down to dinner for a few hours with them. Yet again The Trump Effect is in action.

The actions by these powerful men will cause Americans who are anti-Muslim to feel empowered to express their hatred publicly. This was the perfect opportunity for the President of the United States to walk the talk. Sitting down at a table with Muslims does not hinder one from being Christian. Quite the opposite because Christ said His followers would be known because they showed love. The choice to ignore the annual dinner was simply un-American.

The dangerous message is un-American

Although the majority of people in America who practice a religion say they are Christian there is no requirement to be a follower of Christ to live in this nation. America has been a melting pot for hundreds of years. Now at a time when there is more diversity "good old boys" like Trump and Tillerson are trying to turn back the hands of time.

These men need to open their eyes and take look around. The President and Secretary of State came of age in a much different world but their world no longer exists.

The Obama administration ushered in an era of diversity. The United States twice elected a biracial man into office ad legislation was put in place that gave the LGBTQ community the same rights as others.

Now in this one ugly gesture of not hosting the Ramadan dinner, President Trump and Rex Tillerson are attempting to take us backward.

Muslim Americans cannot be forced to sit on the back of the bus so to speak. They have a right to practice the religion of their choice and should be able to do so without fear and intimidation. The White House tradition that Billy Clinton began 20 years ago should have been continued. Shame on the President and the Secretary of State.