President Donald Trump has shown the American people one area that he is skilled in -- the art of lying with a straight face. The POTUS can spin a yarn and tell a tall tale without batting an eye. He is more than likely one of those people that can pass any lie detector test with flying colors. This is not good, however, for the American people.

The Donald in action

During his 2016 campaign, Donald Trump promised to build a wall at the Mexican/U.S. border. Once elected he said Mexico would pay for the wall. He then said that the United States would provide the funding and be reimbursed by Mexico.

During a recent rally in Iowa, he said that Mexico will pay less money now because he will build a solar wall and it will pay for itself. This man just makes it up as he goes along.

He said that proof was coming that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, but now, months later, that has not happened. He told his eager supporters that he was going to prosecute Crooked Hillary Clinton and led them in chants of "Lock her Up." There has been no further mention of the situation. For 41 days President Trump allowed the American people to believe that he had taped conversations with James Comey. Now the POTUS admits there are not tapes.

Confusion and chaos reign around Donald Trump

President Trump has an aura of chaos surrounding him.

There has not been one day since his inauguration that has been drama-free. While press secretary Sean Spicer and other cabinet members try to do damage control he gets on Twitter and contradicts everything they have said to protect him. For months the President has insisted that there was no evidence that the Russians hacked the election.

Now, however, he is tweeting that he wonders why the Obama administration withheld knowledge that they had of the Russians hacking the election.

Clearly, Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. His approval ratings keep slipping and he continues to lie to the American people. Even The Washington Post addressed the issue in an article titled: "Donald Trump lies, lies, and lies again."

Donald Trump does not see a reason to change and he is not going to.

Lying, scheming, scamming, and cheating is the art of his deal. As long as he believes he is winning, that's really all that matters. The American people who become disillusioned along the way are simply collateral damage, and while confused Americans try to sort through all the misinformation, The Donald will continue right along.