Eid al-Fitr is the meal that Muslims eat to break their Ramadan fast. When Bill Clinton was President of the United States he began to host an annual White House dinner for Eid a-Fitr. Members of Congress, diplomats from Muslim nations and prominent members of the Muslim community would be in attendance. This year, however, the Trump administration refused to honor the 20-year tradition.

President Trump continues his anti-Muslim behavior

Continuing the dinner would have been a way to ease tensions considering the fallout from the travel ban and increased animosity towards Muslims since Donald Trump became president.

His not continuing the Eid al- Fitr may be interpreted as confirmation that the POTUS is indifferent towards Muslim Americans. The president and first lady did issue a statement expressing warm greeting to those observing Ramadan.

This does not, however, make up for their discontinuing the 20-year tradition. Donald Trump continues to say he is a president to all Americans but with this slight to Muslims and more specifically Islam, his actions are speaking louder than his words. Had he continued with the dinner this would have shown the world that he indeed is a president for all Americans. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson refused to host an event acknowledging the religious observation. This looks really bad for our national leaders.

Tillerson and Trump showed their true colors regarding Muslims and Islam

It would have been a beautiful gesture for the President and Secretary of State to uphold the tradition that former President Bill Clinton began 20 years ago. They did not and it was noticed. The actions of the President and the Secretary of state will cause some in this nation to believe it is ok to express public intolerance to those who are different.

Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson have shown the world their true colors.

There was no official reason given by either fo them or why they did not uphold what was done in the past by three administrations. The truth is they do not have a legitimate explanation that will ease the minds of those who practice Islam in America. The POTUS, who was elected by U.S.

citizens, and the Secretary of State that he placed in position are showing themselves to be prejudiced against Muslims.. Previous administrations could break bread with fellow Americans who have a different religious belief. Trump and Tillerson could have done the same.