America is blessed to have 5 living former presidents. They are Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George H.W Bush, Barack Obama and George W Bush. Each had their supporters, and those who did not vote for them. Every one of these men had strengths, as well as weaknesses. Our current president should glean from his predecessors, because they possess a quality that Donald Trump does not.

The former Commanders-in-Chief

Our 5 living Commanders-in-Chief conducted themselves very presidential in public settings. And whatever went on in the private areas of the west wing, no one leaked it to the American people.

Four of the five did not have social media platforms available, but Barack Obama did. President Obama used Twitter to keep his followers informed, and did not discuss sensitive Oval Office business in his tweets.

Four of the five left office without scandal. Bill Clinton was involved in the White Water and Monica Lewensky scandals, was impeached, but not removed from office. Even with that, President Clinton did not have day-to-day drama and chaos as we are seeing now with President Trump.

The Trump legacy

Donald Trump has had drama and serious issues every single day of his less than 4 months in office. He has not done one thing to prove to the American people that he is fit for this office. Previous presidents George W Bush, and George H.W Bush were not just conservative regarding their party affiliation, but in their lifestyles as well.

Their wives, along with the wives of Obama and Carter were respected and treated well when in front of the nation. Michelle Obama had some issues with racial slurs thrown her way, but no one did it to her face.

Hillary Clinton of course is a career politician and some things that have been said about her come with the fact that she was in the political arena along with her spouse, and was not just a president's wife.

Donald and Melania Trump are trolled on Twitter, and shown a disrespect not given to prior presidents and their wives. This is, of course, because Donald Trump himself began a negative, hateful campaign, and the American people are giving it back. This, unfortunately, will be his legacy.

What Trump should learn but will not

All 5 previous presidents came across as sincere, in their love for the nation and the American people.

Our current president is missing compassion and empathy for the needy. He expresses a total lack of self control, and is exhibiting aggressive, and obsessive compulsive actions.

No one running this country should be telling secrets to the Russians from the west wing. No leader of the free world should be conducting himself like a spoiled kindergarten kid on Twitter. When you look at this photo of Mr Trump's predecessors, they seem genuine in their respect for each other.

Can anyone imagine them smiling this way if Trump were in the picture? I think not. His very presence would cause the atmosphere to decline. The 5 former presidents command respect, loyalty and appreciation for their service. Donald Trump has only divided the nation, and he did it in under 100 days. For this reason, he pales in comparison to those who came before him.