Donald Trump's Twitter tirades have now caused his wife to be a victim. His use of the social platform as a bully pulpit has raised the ire of some Americans, and they are pushing back hard -- not just at the president, but also his wife. Melania Trump is relentlessly being trolled on Twitter. The most recent activity consisted of ugly tweets related to the trip to Saudi Arabia.

It all began with Easter

The Twitter tirades began with the failure to properly promote the annual White House Easter egg roll. This event has been hosted each year by every modern president.

It has gone off without a hitch, and the only mention in the news is announcing that it took place, and showing children having fun. This year, the Trump administration took too long to plan the event. As a result, close to 3,000 children who should have taken part, were excluded. When Melania Trump tweeted about the event, Twitter clapped back Big Time with angry tweets.

A not-so-happy birthday and Mother's Day to the first lady

When the president asked Twitter to wish his wife a happy birthday, he received numerous angry responses. Negative comments were made regarding Melania living two states away in New York, as well as jokes about the age difference between the president and first lady. The same thing happened when President Trump asked Twitter to show some love to his wife on Mother's Day.

All of this negativity coming at Melania Trump is not healthy. The president should be providing a loving environment for his spouse, rather than making her fodder for trolls.

First lady under fire

As a first lady, there will be times a president's wife come under fire. Rosalind Carter was thought by some to be too southern.

It was often said that Barbara Bush looked old enough to be her husband's mother. Hillary Clinton was attacked for just about everything she said and did. Her looks, wardrobe, and political aspirations were often criticized. It was said of Laura Bush that she was too mild-mannered, and not social enough. Michelle Obama was called a monkey and an ape.

None of these women, however, had a husband ranting on Twitter.

Melania has been talked about because of her accent, and her prior life as a model. The fact that she has never been a politician's wife also comes into play. Mrs Trump faces additional scrutiny because her husband stokes the fires of hatred with his tweets. She is paying for the Donald's sins. The current first lady is guilty by association.