When Donald Trump won the election, a question began making the rounds in African America neighborhoods. People asked each other if the GOP hated Obama so much they would put Trump in office and allow the entire nation to suffer. And now we have our answer. Republicans care only about their party and not the citizens they are sworn to serve. Their continued defense of Donald Trump and silence on important matters, speaks volumes.

Ana Navarro calls out the GOP

CNN's Ana Navarro is one who has been vocal about the situation. She called the Republicans out on the matter, reminding them that their duty and loyalty should be for the nation and not their party.

Navarro believes her fellow members of the GOP have fallen prey to the Trump cult.

The nation has watched for more than a year, as one by one, republicans who swore they would never stand behind Donald Trump are now defending him. Most notable are Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan. From the day he was placed in office, the POTUS has done nothing but divide the nation he said he would make great again. Most of the GOP stands silent, with a glaze in their eyes as if they are under a spell. Ana Navarro, has stood her ground and should be commended. While the rest of her party pretends the emperor is wearing beautiful garments. Navarro is shouting that he is naked.

Donald Trump should never have been voted into office

The people who cheered when Trump said that he would 'drain the swamp' could not see the forest for the trees. They were so angry with career politicians that they placed a very unqualified man in the mot powerful office in the nation. Number 45 has had no experienced with running a city, state or government.

He has no idea how to be bipartisan, or a team player. He has shown by his ugly tweets, that he has no diplomacy skills when it comes to world leaders. When you don't understand the rules, you cannot play the game. Republicans know they made a mistake in backing Trump but are too prideful to admit it.

Our POTUS is like a kid in a candy store, the bull in the china shop, and the bully in the school yard all rolled up into one.

Republicans must stop standing in silence, allowing this man to turn the nation upside down. There is a proverb that says, 'Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.' What a travesty that members of the GOP are doing nothing and allowing the haughty spirit of President Trump to lead this nation to a fall. They are ignoring the cries of the people and they will pay when it's re-election time.