The military of South Korea has confirmed that Pyongyang has conducted yet another test of its missiles. This time it was one with a medium-range but the range was less compared to the missiles that had been used in the previous three tests. The latest test came after North Korea revealed that it was testing out a new type of rocket that would have capabilities to carry a nuclear warhead.

The UN Security Council had demanded that Pyongyang should suspend its missile test and show by its actions that it was sincere in its commitment towards denuclearization, but that has had no perceptible effect because it has a one track mind that sees no compromise.

North Korea is making progress

BBC reports that the latest missile was airborne and traveled for about 500-Km heading towards the Sea of Japan. This has been revealed by South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff. The missile probably fell into the sea outside Japanese waters and Japan has lodged a protest. Incidentally, the range of this missile is comparatively less than the one launched last week which had flown for about 700-Km.

North Korea is known to be developing nuclear weapons and has conducted five missile tests. These are capable of delivering nuclear weapons to their target and are in defiance to sanctions imposed by the UN. However, Pyongyang has made its intentions clear – it has a fixation against America and will keep launching weapons that can strike the United States.

The fallout of the missile launch

Consequent to the latest developments, Moon Jae-in, the new president of South Korea, convened an urgent meeting of his national security council because this would be the 10th detected missile launch in this year. It is obvious that it is making gradual progress towards its goal of attacking mainland US with nuclear weapons.

Of course, that could take some more time but, whatever it has produced till now could inflict damages in American bases located in the Western Pacific region. The intention is to hurt America and North is not likely to let such opportunities go waste.

The United States is trying its level best to rein in North Korea by involving China to exert pressure but North appears to be least bothered.

It continues to pursue its missile tests in spite of bans imposed on it by the UN which implies that he is confident to withstand such pressures.

It stands to reason that Pyongyang has discovered methods to circumvent the provisions of the ban and is able to generate necessary funds to sustain its missile testing programs. Bans usually cover a certain range of items and it can safely be assumed that North Korea must be exploiting items that are not beyond the purview of bans.