Those who voted Donald Trump into office wanted change. They believed he would drain the swamp and get rid of the career politicians. The president certainly is changing things. He is running the White House as if he is still on the NBC show, "The Apprentice." The staff in the oval office are reportedly wondering who will be next, to hear those infamous words, "You're fired."

The apprentice factor

When Donald Trump was on "The Apprentice,". he was known for firing people. In 2015 he himself was released from the show, because he made derogatory remarks, regarding Mexican Americans.

How ironic, that he was voted in as president of The United States, for the very reason that got him fired by NBC. After Trump was elected in November, many Americans joked that when he officially became president, he would run the west wing, as he did the television show, and fire many public servants.

This does seem to be the attitude, as the POTUS has thus far, said "You're fired," to a number of individuals. These include: White house usher, Angela Reid, Deputy attorney Sally Yates, FBI director James Comey, US. Attorney in New York, Preete Bharara, white house florist Laura Dowling, and national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The chaotic mood in the white house

Rumors continue to leak from the white house, that more people are on the president's hit list.

Right now all eyes are on press secretary Sean Spicer. it's being reported that Trump is troubled with his performance, him and Spicer could lose his job any day. The climate in the west wing is said to be very chaotic. No one knows what to expect, so this keep them own edge. Entering his second 100 days, Donald Trump is showing no of signs of being more presidential.

He is continuing in his celebrity TV mode, because he has not been trained to do anything different. The president is said to be baffled as to why Americans are troubled by his actions. He has no clue, that he is not showing proper leadership skills. Firing those around him who he differs with, will keep yes men and women close.

There will be no one to challenge anything coming from the executive branch of the white house.

This is a truly dysfunctional way in which to run the nation. Should Sean Spicer be on the list, and the next to hear "You're fired," he probably will not be the last. It's not a pretty picture for Americans, to have our elected officials working, in such a chaotic atmosphere