Maybe Trump believes that being a patriot means having unquestionable loyalty to Trump's beliefs and ideas. Perhaps it never occurred to him that many over the years have not respected the man who was the current President of the United States of America. Even so, this did not mean they did not comply with the Office of the President of the United States. There is a big difference. The brand of politics that defines the USA as the keystone in the arch of Democracy throughout the world. Without this distinction, the President would be a dictator, a king, an emperor, or a monarch.

But, indeed, not the leader of the free world. It is simple. A patriotic man or woman means defending the office of the president, not the man.

Is the USA being tested?

Granted today claiming the USA is the leader of the free world is a bit dodgy. We are being tested. Nonetheless, America has been tested before, and the result is, loyalty to Office of the President, The United States Constitution, and the law of the land. Has always claimed the high road, even when that path has been the one less traveled.

Right now, the Trump Presidency is in a state of jumbled, tangled clutter. Trump is fighting with comedians on Twitter. He fired the director of FBI James Comey for reasons he has a hard clarifying.

Add to the mix his daughter's sister-in-law went to China. Her purpose, to market a plan to get wealthy Chinese investors to commit millions of dollars to a Kushner family business, appearing to exploit her significant connection to the President to do so.

At least Nixon knew when to call it quits

Trump's White House press secretary Sean Spicer, a person who has been the brunt of hundreds of jokes, a man who took it on the chin for Trump repeatedly.

Unfortunately for him, his loyalty to the President may not have served him too well. The current rumors coming out of Washington are his job is now on the line.

Then we have Trump meeting with Kissinger former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser under President Richard Nixon. For a man who knows an image is vital; this was a bit strange.

Nixon left the Presidency of his free will. He was aware that his staff around him were loyal to the Country and not to him. Nixon understood the office the man held was not the monarch of the free world. He blew-up his right to hold the title of the leader of the free world. Love or hate him at least Nixon had one thing going for him that Trump may lack. He knew when to call it quits.