Amidst the complexity of sexual harassment scandals, Meredith Vieira's husband is sticking-up for Matt Lauer. This came after a video resurfaced showing Lauer making sexually charged comments to his then co-host Meredith Vieira. In 2006 Lauer eyed Vieira on the air, apparently not aware he had a hot mic, Lauer coaxed Vieira to 'bend down more,' explaining he wanted to see her cleavage. According to Richard Cohen, Vieira's husband, the two were just joking around. He stressed neither he nor his wife saw anything wrong with Lauer's behavior.

Videos hit the gossip-news circuit shows

Nonetheless, Matt Lauer is expressing a great deal of regret and remorse over the allegations made against him and that he was fired for earlier this week. According to the NBC network executives, Lauer was fired for using his power at the network to sexually harass women. The resurfaced tape of Lauer and Vieira exemplifies what some may see as being playful and harmless; others see as proof of Lauer's attempt to control and humiliate women by being sexually suggestive at least and aggressive at worst.

Another video is hitting the gossip-news circuit shows. In this one, Vieira is scolding Lauer for stashing a bag full of sex toys in his office. This adds to the atmosphere that is making it hard to grasp normality, between the complexity, shame, and blame and therefore can we know where to stand?

While some on opposite sides of the political aisle embrace or slam not just Lauer but Senator Al Franken, Congress Representative John Conyers, Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, and President Donald Trump others are left to their own devices to sort out lewd details.

Shades of grey

The question is whether there are several Shades Of Grey or if the answer is black and white?

Either sexual harassment has been dismissed to such a degree that it is normal, or, at the same time, it is considered a regular part of political, media, and corporate life. Whereas many of the accused have friends and family sticking-up for their character scores of people are left scratching their heads. There appears to be no easy answer.

However, in general, the public must feel perplexed.

Overall, attitudes will shift for some and remain cut-in-stone for others. There are blurred lines in many of the current slew of harassment claims. This was made apparent when Savannah Guthrie tearfully announced what had happened because of Lauer's behavior. He was fired. Guthrie announced it was a sad day and wondered aloud how to reconcile her feelings for Lauer.