White House reports confirmed that the President dismissed Comey from his position as the Director of the FBI. Trump stated that he made the decision based on suggestions he received from Attorneys General Rod Rosenstein and General Jeff Sessions. Plus Comey just was not doing a good job.

The Trump Presidency circled their wagons

Apparently, the crew at the Trump White House circled their wagons after Comey insinuated that he felt nauseated by the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. Evidently, this statement triggered Trump and others in the FBI as well as the White House to lose faith in Comey's dedication to the Trump Presidency.

In a series of letters from Trump to Comey and from Sessions to Trump, ruthless sentiments were expressed with seasoned political civility that is timeless. Diplomatic jargon delivered with the enduring style of a work of genius. Archetypal steadfast abiding theater; drama that has been leaving a stain on America for decades. Thus, Causing many Americans to wonder if anyone, in the government can convey honesty. The straightforward no BS Trump promised during his campaign.

Did Trump break his promise?

Candidate Trump ran on a platform promising to be a different kind of leader. One where the American people no longer had to wade through loads of gobbledegook to understand what was at the heart of the issues affecting the future of America.

Based on the carefully crafted press releases, termination letters, and letters from senior White House officials; the language of the Trump White House gives the impression to be business as usual.

In the meantime, Comey wasted no time hitting the road. He skipped last night's scheduled speaking engagement at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood.

Then hightailed it to LAX and hopped on a private jet home. Even though he is now a private citizen he was granted a few last benefits; a police escort, respectful law enforcement chaperones, and the Gulfstream V (Model GV) luxury private jet.

What is next?

So, far Trump's decisions appear to be self-servicing. They are based not on what is indeed good for Americans.

Instead what makes him look good. Decisions that give the impression to those who voted Donald Trump into the Presidency, that he has their back. While simultaneously offering a different feeling to those who are not fans of the President. They are waiting for the next shoe to drop.