According to an article in The Atlantic this month, President Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Junior corresponded with the notorious international non-profit organization Wikileaks. Moreover, according to The Atlantic article, it appears as if Trump Junior sometimes did what WikiLeaks asked of him. Here is the problem. WikiLeaks has proved to be, by many sources, an organization that is cozy with Russia's Vladimir Putin. And likewise, others whose interests fly in the face of what America strives to stand for --freedom and justice for all.

Is freedom and justice for all still the American message?

America's slogan appears to be empty rhetoric where Donald Trump Junior is concerned. During the 2016 United States presidential election campaign, there was a Russian strategy to embarrass and hamper Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Donald Trump Junior may have played a hand in this endeavor with WikiLeaks at his side. Therefore, Trump Junior has dirty hands. A legal term that suggests those playing in the swamp have ulterior motives and are not guided by the ethical rule of law.

In most cases, this type of unprincipled behavior would be the sustenance to drain the swamp of megalomaniac pawnbrokers. Americans would shout dismay.

Alas, this is not the case today. Instead, this type of activity proves to be the meat on the backbone of American Politics in general -- specifically, a part of Trump's presidency.

The Donald Trump White House

One account reported by CNN is as follows. When the president was campaigning last year, WikiLeaks communicated with Trump Junior to have his father Tweet links to the WikiLeaks organization, and he did.

CNN reported that WikiLeaks strongly suggested to Trump Junior that his father "mentions us." Within fifteen minutes the Trump Campaign complied. Donald Trump Tweeted admiringly of the organization. A few days later he Tweeted again and included a WikiLeaks link that is now not relevant. This type of activity is shocking at the very least and terrifying at worst.

Shocking because of the banality of the act and terrifying because of the diabolical corrosion that this type of activity succeeds at creating—causing wormholes in the American political fabric. What is next? The American public must be wondering on the one hand. On the other, so far, there appears to be a teflonic component to everything Trump related. However, even teflon has a shelf-life—just ask John Gotti's family.