Jared Kushner's sister was in China this week to promote an event directed at Chinese entrepreneurs. Apparently, her aim was to explain an opportunity: invest 500k in America (specifically a Kushner family real estate venture) and get a USA Green Card. The details of what she was selling are fuzzy and lead down a road to mindboggling innuendo, self-serving motives, and legal loopholes that result in investigations drowning in murky partisan answers.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich is insulting Jimmy Kimmel, the host of one of America's favorite talk-shows.

Last week Kimmel's opening monologs dealt with the anguish he was suffering after his infant son was born with a serious heart condition. Gingrich, it appears, felt the comedian's job is to be funny. According, to Gingrich, Kimmel was just using his son's life-threatening condition to express anger at Trump. Is this now American politics as usual?

A typical day in the life of American journalists in China

Part of the Kushner pitch was unclear since American reporters at the event were asked to leave by the event's security team before any real reporting could take place. Nonetheless, journalists did gather some information. The crux of the deal, however, seems to be explaining an American legal process allowing foreign nationals to invest, in this case, $500,000 in a Kushner family venture; the investor is then eligible to receive special visas for their entire family.

Managing the information that Americans received regarding Kushner's speaking engagement appeared to be a serious matter. Considering that the security detail handling the event deleted pictures from cameras belonging to reporters who attended at least part of the venue. To add to this at least one American reporter was escorted out of the of the advertised public speaking engagement against her will.

However, according to journalists, this is a typical day in the life of American journalists in China. Therefore, we ought not to worry.

Nevertheless, correspondents who could stay for the entire promo stated they saw a slideshow characterizing President Trump with either just Jared Kushner or the whole Kushner family as allies taking advantage of lucrative, commercially practical business deals in the USA.

These are deals wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs could benefit from by earning a substantial return on their investment. Are these capricious occurrences becoming the new standard for the American political landscape?

Does Newt Gingrich think Jimmy Kimmel is a cry-baby?

Add to the mix a distraught, famous comedian, Jimmy Kimmel, requesting empathy, for his family's heartache over their infant son's severe heart condition. Kimmel expressed compassion, during his late-night talk show, for less-profile Americans going through similar heart-wrenching situations. Americans who may lose everything if the current healthcare legislation becomes the law of the land. Or not, the answer depends on who is talking; the healthcare bill is either a phenomenal success or a fiasco waiting to happen.

The bottom line is the new healthcare law is confusing.

Nonetheless, according to Newt Gingrich, and his inferred backlash toward Jimmy Kimmel's healthcare appeal for children, Kimmel is just a big cry-baby and not even funny. That was the gist one could conclude from Gingrich's unsympathetic comments. In any case, Gingrich's rant on FOX News could be viewed as a below the belt sucker punch. Stir into this insensitive fray; the gold spray painted toilet full of feces left on Donald Trump's Star on Hollywood Boulevard. All this equals enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed and dizzy. Thus, leading to a tough question Americans need to consider. Is this the new gold standard in American politics?

Americans have taken to dumping on Trump.

Maybe it is not too surprising that Americans have taken to doing something so crass as to leave human feces on President Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. Nevertheless, let us give Americans the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they are just trying to express that the Trump Presidency is becoming a real s**t show. One where sides are either black or white with almost no shades of gray.

A place America has not been burdened with this gravely for years.Today, however, it appears that Americans are exasperated. Those who love Trump hate those who hate Trump. While, on the other hand, those who are disgusted by the Trump Presidency loathe the seeming stupidity of Trump lovers.

It could be, there is just too much animosity, confusion, and divisiveness happening in America today. Maybe the average American citizen ought to start considering asking themselves a few questions. Is our era an age where taking a dump on Trump's Star makes perfect sense; are we living in a time when leaving feces on the Star of the President of the United States of America receives applause?