Sometime between last Saturday night and early Sunday morning, President Donald Trump's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was dumped on -- in the literal sense of the word. At least the vandals had enough respect for Trump to leave their mucky message in a manner fitting of a Trump -- well, sort of, anyway. The toilet filled with feces was gold. Maybe not the eighteen-karat gold Trump is accustomed to, but at least gold spray paint.

Take a Trump

Last weekend is not the first time Trump's Hollywood Star has been vandalized. The Trump Star has been destroyed with a pickaxe, causing the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to replace Trump's Star.

Additionally, there have been reports of profanity written on President Trump's Star, as well as other acts of filth left behind. Who knows if these types of shenanigans will continue into the future? What else could be done to send a message about how one feels about Trump and his presidency?

There are more than 2,600 five point stars set in the cement sidewalk of mainly Hollywood Boulevard and some on Vine. It all started on the famed corner of Hollywood and Vine decades ago. Today's hoopla started sometime in the late 1950's as a way to increase tourism. Who knew then, that instead of sending a message of fame and fortune; a Star would be one way to send a message of the utmost disgust?

Each Star costs 40K

Today, recipients of a Star campaign for the honor. If they succeed, they are charged around $40,000 for their efforts. First, they must present a petition. If accepted, the location of the star is then decided by the Chamber of Commerce. The recipient is sent an invoice. and, after they pay the bill, the ceremony is planned.

The only other President of the United States of America to have a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is Ronald Reagan. As of this writing, no one has defaced his Star in such an extreme and rigorous way. In fact, his gets flowers and sentimental mementos, and is located at 6396 Hollywood Blvd, just a few blocks from the famous Hollywood and Vine Corner.

That old corner was the center of the Hollywood scene in its 1920's heyday. By comparison, Trump's is a good ten blocks east, leading out of Hollywood's center and into Los Angeles.

Most likely, President Trump is not the only recipient to have his star defaced. Typically, these are monuments, a place where fans can express their love and admiration. Recently, this has not been the case for our current President. Nevertheless, on election night fans did hold a celebration at Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.