The American people deserve to know the truth regarding what is going on in the west wing. One thing is being said in public, and the complete opposite is leaking from behind closed doors. Despite the reassurances that White House correspondents are giving in front of the camera's, our nation's capitol is in serious trouble. Reports continue to indicate that confusion and chaos are reigning supreme on Capitol Hill.

Donald Trump is telling on himself

All of America was in disbelief when president Trump pulled a move from "The Apprentice" on former FBI director James Comey.

"You're fired," should have been spoken to Comey in private. Instead, he watched it on television with the rest of the world. White House personnel, both democrat and republican, were in shock over the way president Trump handled such a sensitive matter. This only added to the confusion.

President Trump has yet to give a credible reason for why Comey was fired."Fox News" correspondent Chris Wallace said that Fox has been trying to talk to White House staff, but have been unable to speak to anyone willing to come on their show. The president and those representing him are looking more and more like they are hiding something -- especially when you consider that Comey was leading the Russian investigation.

Sean Spicer was allegedly seen hiding behind a tree to avoid addressing why the FBI director was fired. This is not a White House being run with decency and order.

Twitter disorder

One of the major problems is Donald Trump's misuse of Twitter. His tweets are filled with lies and threats. Recently he threatened James Comey on Twitter by implying that there were tapes of their conversations.

Those who try to defend President Trump are unable to keep up with his daily rants. It is getting harder to spin things in his favor. Sean Spicer has become a joke, and Kellyanne Conway is having public meltdowns as they try to put Donald Trump in a positive light in front of the American people.

Increasingly even conservatives are having a difficult time standing by President Trump.

He is losing credibility, and firing the FBI director is raising the eyebrows of some of his most loyal supporters. Rather than tweeting threats, the president needs to focus on this nation. There has never been such an administration in the history of this nation. Chaos, confusion, disorder, lies, manipulation, and distrust are ruling the people who are suppose to be running the government. This is dangerous for us all.