We've either heard them or, if Christian, said them ourselves. It's the religious sayings that the masses have heard but only the select few, as it seems, understand. Here are seven popular Christian sayings that could stand a bit of Decoding.

Super spiritual Christian sayings

"You have to be intentional with [fill in the blank]"

Every Christian needs someone to hold them accountable. Mentors are usually older and, hopefully, wiser than the person they are counseling. The guru often reminds his student that he has "to be intentional," or consistent, with prayer, fasting, or whatever he needs to do to get closer to God.

"I'm blessed and highly favored of the Lord"

Christians are only "blessed and highly favored of the Lord" when things are going South. Just ask a believer how he's doing the next time he accidentally leaves his wallet at home and doesn't have any money for the day. He will most likely give you this phrase.

"I'm journeying"

The journey is a lifelong process that never ends for a believer. The "spiritually attuned" Christian will be the first to tell you that he is "journeying" when times are bad. You typically don't hear this saying when there's no trouble in paradise.

The spiritual yet modern-day Christian says...

"It was a total God thing"

This statement is usually made right after the believer explains an occurrence that they deem a miracle.

The sun breaking through the clouds on a cloudy day may not be considered a "total God thing." Sunshine that stops the rain from ruining an outdoor festival that has been in the making for twelve months would be considered nothing short of an act of God.

"We're thinking outside of the box"

You will typically hear a Christian use this phrase when he is planning an event that he wants to go beyond the scope of tradition.

Having a typical church service that features the worship team before the message is not thinking outside of the box; that's the format of practically every church service in America. Putting the worship segment at the end of the service, however, is one of those radical decisions. Who would suspect that the singing would be the last thing on the agenda?

"We just want to fellowship"

Believers usually extend the invitation of "fellowship" to other believers of different churches. Members of Christ Center Church will tell lay members of The Way Christian Center that they "just want to fellowship" either before or after informing them of an upcoming event at their preferred house of worship.

"We accept people as they are and love them to wholeness"

This phrase is loaded. A Christian makes this statement when: a.) Someone has done something that has offended him; b.) When a new believer comes into the "fold" and doesn't know the rules of the church. Many times, a seasoned believer will say "we accept people as they are and love them to wholeness" out loud as a way of exposing another veteran Christian for allegedly judging the newcomer. The whistleblower, however, will never admit that his view of "wholeness" for the "babe in Christ" is also based on preconceived notions.

And now, for all of the Christian sayings that were missed...