When Donald Trump asked Twitter to show some love for Melania's birthday, he instead received a backlash of sarcasm. Tweets came at him from every angle, addressing the age difference between The Donald and his wife, the fact that Melania lives 2 states away, and even free Melania tweets. Twitter clapping back at Trump because of his ugly rants obviously did not bother the president, because he set himself up for it to happen again. The president asked Twitter to wish his wife a happy Mother's Day. Once again tweeters did not comply, as the POTUS was met with angry tweets.

Donald Trump never learns

It is very unfortunate that we have a Commander-in-Chief who pays no attention to what is going on around him. It is a shame that his tweets are causing Americans to lash out against Melania. For the last 6 months since the election the president has done nothing but cause controversy. He sees that Twitter is hostile against him, and yet he continues to send tweets. Donald Trump needs to learn a lesson. He should stay off of Twitter and focus on being a real president.

Barack Obama used Twitter responsibly, but Donald Trump has not. He continues to bring discord to the nation and does not seem to care. He is causing his wife problems that other first ladies never dealt with.

If after 3 months in office he has made no attempt to alter his methods, he probably never will.

Melania is catching heat

Melania Trump is receiving fallout because of who she is married to. The president is causing so much hostility on Twitter that it could affect his wife's personal appearances. People might heckle her when they see her, because they are angry at her spouse.

This may lead to the first lady being more reclusive, and neglecting appearances as a president's wife.

Birthdays and Mothers Day should be times of happiness and joy with family and friends. Melania's special days have been marred by the inconsiderate actions of her spouse. Donald Trump has set up a hostile environment around him.

He is bringing out the worst in Twitter trolls, and the anger is running rampant across the nation. Should his disgraceful behavior continue, there is no way the American People can celebrate any activity that involves his wife, because of his actions. Melania will continue to suffer in a climate that her husband set in motion.