Over the last 48 hours, the news headlines have been dominated by the fact that Donald Trump fired James Comey as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). As the White House scrambles to get on the same page, even more conservative news outlets are having a hard to time defending the president.

Fox News on Trump

The news of James Comey being fired as head of the FBI came as such a surprise that even he didn't know it happened until turning on the television. For months, Comey's name has been linked to controversy as both Democrats and Republicans have had their issues with him, though for much different reasons.

After Comey brought up Hillary Clinton's email and private server scandal just weeks before the election, it caused increased speculation surrounding the former Secretary of State, which many Democrats believe contributed to her demise on Election Day. For Republicans, Comey has been a cause of concern since he was tapped to lead the investigation into Russian interference of the election, including what communication they might have had with the Donald Trump campaign. Since Comey's firing, Trump and his team have failed to come to a consensus over why the termination took place. After Trump's recent remarks conflicted with the message coming out of his own administration, even those at Fox News seemed concerned, which was evident during a May 12 segment on the network.

During an interview on Friday afternoon, Fox News host Chris Wallace ripped into Donald Trump and the White House for how they have handled the aftermath of the James Comey firing. "One of the problems has been the disarray at the White House communications shop," Wallace said. "The president has been blaming that on them, but the fact is it should be blamed on him because he didn’t seem to trust them enough to give them advance notice," Wallace continued, in regards to the dissension between Trump and his communications team.

In preparation for "Fox News Sunday," Chris Wallace explained that the network has been unable to even get in touch with anyone at the White House to come on the show and represent their agenda.

"We very much want somebody to represent the president's point of view on Sunday," Wallace noted. Not stopping there, the Fox News host elaborated further, stating, "We can't even reach anybody. They're not available," before concluding, "they're not answering the phone."

Moving forward

As Donald Trump pushes back at any criticism of himself or his administration, evidence continues to mount while raising questions over the growing Russian scandal. With James Comey now out, only time will tell what the next step will be at the FBI and the ongoing investigation into the Kremlin.