It was a weekend of #high drama and major chaos yet again at the White House.

Whilst the Obama wiretapping spectacle was taking place, and whist FBI director James Comey was seeming to go head-to-head with the President, Trump's administration proposed a budget on Saturday that would practically dissolve the #Environmental Protection Agency, by cutting its funding by 70 percent.

Also, on Monday the #travel ban was reinstated with this time six – instead of seven – Muslim majority countries on the list. Many took to social media to decry the move, including politicians such as Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi.

Many wondered on Twitter whether the fracas over the wire-tapping assertions had been designed to deflect attention from these other serious issues.

This is not the first time that #trump has unleashed a bomb-blast of confusion and chaos from his perch in Trump Tower – and from his very own Twitter account. The weekend that his administration announced the travel ban in February, Trump quietly issued and installed Steve Bannon, who was once tied to alt-right publication Breibart and known as a right wing agitator, as the head of the National Security Council. This position is usually reserved for military generals, and the move caused doubt and worry in many Trump opponents minds.