There was a time when David Letterman was one of the kings of Late Night Television and if you tuned in you would see his comedy brilliance on display. But that was decades ago and now he's past his prime years of original comedy. He's said everything he's had to say as a comedian and he's had his time in the lime light, but now that time is up. He retired because after years of making us laugh he felt that he didn't have much more to offer and he was right.

President Trump was a guest that Letterman enjoyed abusing

David Letterman is no stranger to President Donald Trump and the comedian had him on his late night show numerous times over the years.

In 1987 Letterman pressed Trump on his total worth and Trump rightly refused to give the comedian an answer. This was the same year Trump released his book, The Art Of The Deal. Most of the time that the future President appeared on the late show he was simply a punching bag for David to insult, which is one of the lowest forms of comedy. When you can't figure out clever things to make people laugh you go for the more visceral route and stoop to insults and degrading remarks.

Stupid Pet Tricks was one of the best skits on the show

It wasn't David Letterman that was in fact the most interesting part of each show, although his top ten lists were often good gags, but it was sometimes the pets that came on the set that would often steal the show for the entire night.

Bowling Pit Bulls and Frisbee catching dogs were entertaining, true entertainment, and the gentle nature of animals often overshadowed the human talent on the show night after night.

Retired Letterman wants time with the President

Now that the comedian is out of the limelight, and lacks a steady network paycheck, he's all over the news claiming that if he were still on television he would do nothing but Trump jokes until he was out of videotape.

While a segment of society might think that's funny, it's arguable if anyone would tune in to watch the bearded retiree insult the Commander-In-Chief night after night. Letterman's obsession with Donald Trump confirms that, like many people in opposition to his Presidency, the former star of "The Apprentice" lives rent free in their minds and weighs heavy on their daily thoughts and operations.