Recent reports show that there are significant concerns and problems with stray and feral dogs and cats in the United States and across the country. Pet homelessness is the biggest issue when it comes to companion animals, numbering in the millions. Studies show that there are an estimated 70 million homeless pets in the USA alone. Loki was a little tabby kitten that was in desperate need of a home and family, but he could never be prepared for the life in store for him when some humans chose to adopt him and gave him a home.

Are cats and dogs meant to be best friends or mortal enemies?

Cats And Dogs have always been portrayed as extreme enemies, but that is not always the case. We have seen some of the most amazing pairs of best friends, from dogs with monkeys, birds with cats, dogs with horses and, yes, cats with dogs. When you take away the social stereotypes placed on Animals, you begin to realize that any species of animal can form a tight bond of friendship. Such is the case with Loki, the tabby kitten who came into a new home ruled by resident dog Okami. When his family brought the kitten to his new home, Loki was quite anxious and shy, clinging to his new humans for comfort. As soon as Okami the Pomeranian came around to sniff out the new “family member,” it was an instant friendship.

The bond between Loki and Okami became tight and secure

Okami was the resident pet in the home when Loki joined the family unit. The adorable Pomeranian grew to have a quick interest in the little feline, and the pair soon became the best of friends. Once they touched nose-to-nose, in was an instant connection. The relationship was so adorable that the family shared the story and numerous photos on all social media for the world to see.

Loki and Okami proved to have a bond like no other.

Okami stayed by his new little brother’s side during naps just to ensure he was there when the kitten awoke. He continually licked and kissed Loki as if to keep him clean. The dog took the kitten under his wing as the protector, making sure Loki was always safe. He became a surrogate dad to the baby.

The mutual friends ate, slept and played together. These two species of animal are prime examples of the Power of friendship. Cats and dogs can be the best of pals as these loving pets prove to their family and the world. Be sure to share this amazing story everywhere so all can see how important it is to adopt and give all animals a chance to develop unique relationships.