Zoos all across the country keep up with their Twitter and Instagram with cute Pictures of their Animals to help get visitors to visit. Although they are usually open rain or shine, they can be hard to make a trip out to on a day you are busy with work or school. The trainers can usually get some really cool behind the scenes pictures you wouldn't be able to see if you did visit in person. Along with entertaining people across the globe, these social media accounts are used to gain donors and promote wildlife awareness. Usually you can follow a link right to their website and donate straight to the animals that are your favorites.

Without further ado, the animals!

1. Barnyard babies

Many zoos have a barnyard with goats and cows, and with spring coming up its time for babies to be born. The Minnesota Zoo Twitter account shows off its cute little goats and baby chicks to make you smile.

2. Big cats

You may be yawning, waiting for your coffee, or yelling at someone because the Monday grumps have arrived at your station.

Either way, the Cincinnati Lions feel your pain.

3. Minnesota chills

Even if there's no snow where you are, this musk ox is definitely chilling in the cold. He probably likes it, as they're originally from the Arctic. Bundle up, the day Musk go on!

4. Sleepy mornings

You might feel like this red panda today, but don't worry, the work day will end soon enough and you can get just as comfy as Rinzen here!

5. Gorilla business

These Atlanta gorillas are enjoying the heat, so lets live through them. Just looking at this picture makes me want to break out my sunscreen and lay out in the sun. Make sure to stay hydrated like these guys!

6. Bali blues

All the way in Bali these beautiful macaws are spreading color through the forest. Spread some color through your day, share a smile with a friend, and maybe even a warm drink.

7. Koala cuddles

I know whenever I visit the zoo I want to take one of these cuties right home with me. They sleep all day like I wish I could and eat all the time.

Oh, the life of a koala.

8. Waddle on

In Oregon, the penguins get a move on, waddling their way to a temporary home while theirs was being fixed. Like a best friend squad, they're rolling with the punches, just like you can.

9. Otter pool

These Pittsburgh pups have the right idea. Swimming their cares away, these cuties are just living in the moment.

10. Sunshine and slithers

While reptiles may not be your cup of tea, you have to admit this snake looks like it is enjoying the sun. Slither on over to your window and catch a little bit of light so you and the little guy can enjoy it together.

It may still be a Monday, but you can get through it. Check out any of the links to these social media sites to find more cute pictures.