Humans often have amenities like massage chairs, wine bars, airport lounges and even in-terminal yoga classes while awaiting their flights while their pets are placed in a crate with water. Flying can be a frightening experience for pets, but this new facility known as the ARK Pet Oasis and the Equine and Livestock Export Center is developed to ease the stress and anxiety for the humans and Animals alike at Jfk in New York.

The development of $65 million animal oasis at JFK

The ARK development started under the leadership of John J. Cuticelli Jr., chief executive of Racebrook and founder and chairman of the project.

He told reporters that his goal was to create a safer, more efficient process of traveling for animals and their owners by offering specialized animal care before and after a flight. The plan is known as the Dr. Dolittle enterprise, developing the ARK Pet Oasis and the Equine and Livestock Export Center. Phase I is complete, and the next phase is expected for the Equine Quarantine/Import, Grooms’ Lounge and Aviary. They are all part of the ARK Import-Expert Center that estimates completion of the development by the second quarter of this year.

The goal of the ARK oasis at JFK

People are not happy and content with flying their pets as cargo, but the ARK hopes to help these travelers have a safer, more memorable flight.

The ARK Pet Oasis is a spacious area with 47 dog kennels and maximum space for the feline pets. Animals departing, arriving and in-between flights are welcome, and fees vary according to the pet, starting at $30 to $125. Owners can drop their pets off prior to a flight so they can be prepped for safe travel. The process minimizes wait time and stress at the boarding area.

Upon flight arrivals, the animal receives a full pampering that can include a bath, brushing, walks and even the cleaning of their crates. Horses are treated quite well at the Equine and Livestock Export Center. The center has covered stalls with non-slip flooring, hay and comfy bedding for the animals. Additionally, the ARK has special facilities to house all types of birds including waterfowl, gulls, and parakeets. Animals can now travel with less stress and anxiety at the new JFK animal oasis.