The American crocodile is one of the most dangerous reptiles found in the U.S. These narrow-snouted reptiles are also found in Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, and Jamaica. These large reptiles have a wide range of locality but their population has fallen significantly over the years. In 2016, only 1200 of these giant reptiles were reported in Southern Florida. American Crocodiles are threatened and must be protected in the wild.

Causes of the fall in population of the American crocodile

American crocodiles have been hunted vigorously for centuries. These carnivorous reptiles were once abundant in the U.S, and other countries of Central America, but excessive hunting reduced these Animals to small saltwater lagoons.

These beautiful reptiles have much thicker skin than the American alligator, and this makes them the prime target of poachers. Every year, a large number of these predators are killed due to their precious skin. The thick and rough skin of the American crocodile is used in the manufacturing of garments and furniture. These crocodiles can grow 20 feet in length and they prefer the saltwater lagoons and lakes. In recent years, the habitat of the American crocodile has been greatly reduced due to deforestation in Florida.

Another significant factor is the coexistence of the American crocodile with the abundant American Alligators. The giant alligators regularly prey on the smaller, narrow-snouted crocodiles, and this has significantly decreased the population in lakes containing the fearsome alligators

Steps needed to protect the American crocodile

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission should continue the conservation program for the American crocodile.

These reptiles should be introduced to the wide ranging saltwater lakes in Florida. Strict action must be taken against the people involved in the hunting of these amazing reptiles. These large reptiles must be protected in the Everglades National Park where these animals are hunted occasionally. The wildlife authorities should also make sure that people do not swim in the lakes containing these cold-blooded animals. These crocodiles should also be shifted from the lakes containing the aggressive American alligators.